The ASOCIACIÓN DE MUSEOS DEL VINO DE ESPAÑA (ASSOCIATION OF WINE MUSEUMS OF SPAIN) encourages member wine Museums and Thematic Centres to collaborate, cooperate and carry out research in order to promote, disseminate and defend common interests and activities, as well as to promote and disseminate wine culture in general and that of each wine producing region in particular.

Established in 2005, the association consolidates the Wine Museums of Spain, dedicated to maintaining this most important cultural and historic heritage alive. These museums offer a magnificent journey through the history of our wines, allowing visitors to experience the essence of traditional winemaking culture and production processes.

It is the fundamental principle of the Museums Association, as contained in our statutes and supports the European Wine Tourism letter signed in Paris in 2006, to contribute the safeguarding, preservation and distribution of the wine culture in all its manifestations. Thus, it is worth stressing the importance of the tangible and intangible heritage of our organization, through our associates who, in turns, disseminate such values and principles at various events such as Annual Congresses, where quality and variety of topics described, as well as the conclusions, are an imperative reference in the culture of wine.

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